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“Create Your First Post . . .”

I’m here at the culmination of my medical school journey–at the juncture of the beginning of a dawning and the twilight of dusk–being asked to “create” something new–my first post.  I’m pleased to begin this my blog, in the tradition of many friends, colleagues, and others who have and have had something to share, something to say, and something that, deep down on the inside, is bubbling up and crying out of the abundance of the heart to render the mouth speakable.

I must be honest–my primary motivation in creating a website or blog was to have my own website to spread continually knowledge of my first book, “Precious Memories:  Reflections for Christian Living,” and my first two instrumental piano CDs, but I think this opportunity to share with you possesses predictive potential to be even more–a way for us to further commune–another mode to say to a neighbor just how good God has been to me, to you, and to all of us.  I’m excited about this new journey and the promise it does hold.

So, in the interest of formality, welcome to my blog:  I thought about what the tagline would be, and I decided on this:  “Serving God by Caring for His People.”  Such is all I’ve tried to do during most of my life.  Such is the defining nature of my career and preliminary interest in medicine.  Such is what was instilled within me as a medical student over the duration of the last four years as I studied at Meharry.  As is my prayer and fervent hope, such is what will continue to bolster, sustain, and catapult my career in medicine into the future, into one that I hope will be coerced by substantive longevity.

So, feel free to comment.  I will share with you memories of my journey–thoughts for today and reflections of yesteryear.  I’ll talk about my books and poems–advertise them a little and engage in some discussion of their content.  I’ll share knowledge of piano recordings and CDs–forthcoming projects and possible suggestions.  I’ll comment on matters of the heart, health, and of a heavenly sort.  I’ll create a second post–I promise (smiles).  I look forward to the remaining journey of our pilgrimage through this life.  God bless you.



I welcome your thoughts . . .

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