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At the End of Internship . . . “I Simply Thank You.”

I Simply Thank You

Earl Stewart, Jr.


I sit here reflecting on the days gone by

As my mind wanders back to the past,

I can say nothing but, “Thank You.”

For at last, You brought me, over and throughout, by and by,

Time and again, Dear Lord,

It was You.

My heart many days grew heavier within me

With questions of how and why.

How was I going to make it?

What would the result be?

Yet, You placed my feet on higher ground and, Lord,

You taught me how to see truly all that

I could, would, and should be.

You showed me what I could do.

To You, all of my worship and praises are always due.

I simply thank You.


At the season of ending to begin yet again

While the interval of experience cultivates

Your servant’s ability to foster cognizance,

I pray You’ll guide me, as You have always done,

Down the avenues of grace, enlarging

My territory.  I ask for knowledge,

Wisdom, and sheer understanding as I travel along

Each and every way.

I’m not asking You to run my race.

I’m daring to supplicate for Your power to surround me with each and every day

I face,

As only You can do.

To every sinner saved by Your lovingkindness and that invaluable grace,

Your tender mercies you show, and on the pulse of every morning, make brand new,

I simply thank You.


I believe in the potency of Your majesty.

I trust in the extent of Your

Ultimate, consummate, immaculate authority.

Your holiness I appreciate.

The Word You gave to mankind as its Savior,

I make the motion each day to

Try merely to both epitomized in one form

And in another fashion emulate.

In Your image, you chose to create me.

Yes, me, and it’s so good to know each

And every hair of my head You seem to

Quantify, even qualify, and see.

I thank You, Father in Heaven, for

All that You have carried me over, through, and to . . .

I simply thank You.


2 thoughts on “At the End of Internship . . . “I Simply Thank You.”

  1. Just like you used to exclaim, “Beautiful!” in my class, I say, “Beautiful!” to your words Always wonderful, Earl.
    When are you returning to Augusta as a cardiologist? I’m moving back by September, and I’ll need a cardiologist. They found A-Fib, I had the TEE procedure, and I have normal rhythm now. Having you for my cardiac care would be the ultimate for me. Let me know what’s going on, okay? Still so very proud of you!

    • Dear Mr. Caudle,

      Greetings. Thanks for your encouraging words. Cardiology fellowship takes 3 years to complete after residency. My plan is still to pursue cardiology, but I’ll be return to Georgia in 2 years after finishing residency to practice Internal Medicine for 3 years and then will pursue Cardiology fellowship after that. Atrial fibrillation is something internists also manage in conjunction with Cardiologists. It sounds like your’s is paroxysmal, meaning that it “on and off” and not “constant.” Depending on your risk factors for clot formation which has the propensity to lead to stroke in Afib, your doctors may either chose Aspirin or Coumadin (Warfarin) for you to take daily. The Transesophageal Echocardiogram is the best test that we have to see if there is a clot in the left atrium of the heart, which have a tendency to form in Afib. Afib is a very common arrythmia, and the majority of Afib is caused by hypertension. You’ll be fine. I presume they placed on you rate control medication, such as Metoprolol 25 mg twice daily or a similar medication and maybe an aspirin or Coumadin. You’ll do fine. Just keep regularly appointments with your Cardiologist and Primary Doctor and don’t forget me when I do return back to Georgia in a couple of years. 🙂

      Blessings and love always,

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