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New Poem . . . “When Adam Saw Eve.”

When Adam Saw Eve

Earl Stewart, Jr.

When Adam saw Eve,

He saw an intimate reflection of himself

In the mirror of time.

How her hair hang low

How her skin waxed soft and subtle

How her walk defined beauty

At its simplest and purest forms.

When Adam saw Eve,

He paused to observe her image and likeness.

He marveled at the nature of his image and likeness

And deemed it wonderful, marvelous, masterful—

The handiwork of God in the form of risen and

Finely sculpted flesh on flesh.

How his heart must have initially placed him in

Sinus arrest, yet for just a moment,

Because a love and life of all mankind

Was to emanate from their sacred nest.

When Adam saw Eve,

He dared to first see God . . .

God’s face.

Hear God’s voice.

Feel God’s love.

Make the righteous choice

To love, to honor, and to cherish

Lest the bounds of lifetime and love for time and time for love

Threatened to perish.

Like a withering piece of fruit on the Vine

With a seed nestle deepen within.

For something within allowed him to manifest outwardly

Thanks to God, and call her Woman.

When Adam saw Eve,

The one made just for him,

Bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh,

How they were in existence together,

How she completed him,

A help for his meet

The queen of his Eden,

The countess of his countenance,

Formulated from the rib, the protector of his heart.

Together they were not ashamed until a deed of irreverence,

Yet, God’s love was still their ultimate need.

When Adam saw Eve,

Grace sustained his prayer for companionship,

Faith provided the substance for that he hoped for,

And he deem it good, he deemed her good, he spoke her name,

Mother of Mankind,

And just the same for the history of time,

They were one.  Hand in hand.  Heart in heart.

Promises from God were theirs if they just continued to believe,

When Adam saw Eve.


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