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New Poem . . . “I Believe”

I Believe

Earl Stewart, Jr.

Let me tell you what I believe.

I believe each new day presents an opportunity for change, for a better way to live, to do, and to be.

I believe in the love of Christ and His example proven over and again as the way to life’s eternal end.

I believe in the possession of strength in the hour of weakness, love in the midst of hatred, nights turning into days, and truth in the center of artificiality.

I believe in progression and succession—that joy comes at the end of a night’s long era of weeping, that trouble doesn’t and won’t ever last always, that help and strength ultimately find their origin just beyond the glorious gates of Heaven.

Let me tell you what I believe.

I believe in having faith in the midst of uncertainty, in overcoming dilemma with the potency of prayer, in loving because I am loved, in taking each day one moment, one minute, and one step at a time.

In relishing the blessings that only God can bestow, in serving the poor, in visiting the sick, in lending a helping hand, in cautiously recognizing angels in the midst of all assemblies.

I believe in searching the scriptures and knowing them personally and pertinently, in the application thereof to my daily affairs, in living the life the Savior purported, in loving God and His people forever and unconditionally.

I believe in the very ability to believe, to know something and take it, make it, and shake it into something wonderful, to form and fashion it into the similitude of one’s heart, bind it around one’s neck, to take it and run with it, spread the good news, grab someone by the hand and acclaim that he come, follow, and believe it for himself.

I believe in love, in the love a man has for his woman, in the love you and I have for each other, in the love of a mother for her child, that a father has for his children, in love an elderly woman has for pruning her roses, in the love epitomized in the existence of the Cross.

I believe that evil does exist, that it seeks to kill and destroy all that is good and perfect with this world, that at the end of the day, its reign of terror will falter and fail and succumb graciously to the insurmountable pressure of doing what is right, that evil still has the potential to flee from darkness and enter the marvelous light.

I believe that rain showers come to cleanse the earth, that the sun shines to foster warmth and nutrition to the ecosystems below, that signs of the times rest gingerly in the skies ahead, that the end is nigh, that time is at hand, that all we have is just a little while.


I welcome your thoughts . . .

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