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New Poem . . . “Love Letter to God (In the Midnight Hour)”

Love Letter to God:  In the Midnight Hour

Earl Stewart, Jr.

Dearest Lord,

Here at the pinnacle of midnight,

As the rain falls gently on the asphalt just beyond my window

I sit solemnly in reflection,

Retrospectively, circumspectly, and prospectively,

About our love.

Surely, You reside in Your kingly suite above

Consistently concerned about the cares of my conscience,

Making me brand new with tender mercies and grace

Each day.

Thank You for loving me when love with as foreign to me, it seemed,

As the appearance of distant shores,

How I longed to know the trueness of it,

In its purest and most perfect forms,

And that You gave me, wholly, holy, beautifully,

And without condition.

You take my life within the palm of Your majestic hands each moment of every day,

And say, “You are mine.”

And I reply, “My God, I am indeed thine.”

As I strive to let the Light within me shine in a world

So occupied with the tyranny of the individualized self,

I look to You.

I bow to You.

I vow to You

To always and forever love You.

Indeed, my love for You has never and will never

Be, even at its most simplistic form,

Comparable to Your love for me.

How I’ve cheated.

How I’ve lied.

How I’ve hurt You time and again, and

When it mattered the most, always,

Beyond the faults so superfluous You looked,

And the mainstay of yesterday and today

Was when You continued to provide my needs.

Like Christ did for the blind, You stopped for me,

Stared me in my face, pulled the scales from my eyes,

And gave me my sight.

I am because You are . . . Love.

Surely, at the hour of midnight,

The epiphany of Your love becomes that clear,

As the evening grows drear,

Within the substance of my soul You reside—Your Holy Spirit draws near.

Thank you for loving me, Lord,

And holding me dear.


I welcome your thoughts . . .

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