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New Poem . . . “The Day Gone By”

The Day Gone By

Earl Stewart, Jr.

Sitting and reflecting on the echoes of yesterday,

How pleasurable does the journey seem.

Merely a day or two ago, I was a child,

Bubbling over with the essence of youth, and

Prospect, and promise.

A cloud of witnesses lovingly surrounds me,

As I grab hold of their spirits . . .

How God blessed me to be loved by their

Gestures, their time, their attention, their erudition . . . Their

Hands of instruction

Voice of correction

Faith in God.

Faith in all that He would, could, and should

Bless me to be.

O how glad I am.

Amazed at the journey now I stand,

Like the Live Oak on the corner of my

Birthplace, at the intersection of

Origin and archives of time . . .

I shall not be moved.

Memories of our laughter, our joy,

Our worship together, our meals and deals

And love of all and for all comfort me,

As I reflect this very day.

I am the remnant of their prayers and hope that remains . . .

The dream of my ancestors . . . the hope of the slave.

God be my fervent guide, is what I pray.

As I take stride, from Grace’s standpoint, to be different . . .

To make a difference . . .

In whatever way, in however and for whomever

I may.

Bless me indeed, this very day, as You did

In the day silently gone by

Like a whisper in the cool September wind.

I bless Your name for sheer salvation’s sake.

Therein lives and lies the end.


I welcome your thoughts . . .

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