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New Poem . . . “In Due Time”

In Due Time

Earl Stewart, Jr.

Days come and go,

And now and then I find myself

Calling out to You for help.

How I’ve come to know You, Lord,

Finding our essences intertwined, mine with Your spirit that’s so divine,

Like the vines that produce the finest of wines . . . mingled together at last.

From Your cup of blessings I drink as moments pass

Softly into eternity.

For it is in due time, You bless me.

Nights come and show

The bounty You bring in the midst of strife.

You dare to allow the angels to bear witness of

My life

All night . . . all day . . . watching carefully as I take my place,

Speaking Your name all the while.

Such is the nature of my existence.

My heart’s heavy as a consequence of the subsequence

Of our human ways.

Yet, You were always near, forever dear, and made it quite clear

Just how much You love me.

For it is in due time, You never left me.

The time’s come, and now I know

You are God.

The seasons, as they change, kindly profess

The beauty of Your glory,

The potency of Your holiness,

The extent of Your history here at this hallowed place in time—I with expedition bow in such a position as I seek Your face, humbling myself in worship.

As the clouds float by Your might in the skies above,

There’s music in the air, up there, somewhere

Around Your throne.

I bless Your name and let it be to me so true and lovely.

How the list grows longer and stronger

Of all You’ve done.

I, with adoration, utter thanks.

Thanks be to God, the Almighty.

For it is in due time, You kept me.


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