Poetry in Medicine

Poetry in Medicine . . . “Narcosis”


Earl Stewart, Jr.


The indelible streak of youth was on her face.

In her twenties.

Blond hair.

Hazel eyes.


Behind her beauty lay an attachment

To her unfortunate predicament.


She begged of us.

As I stood solemnly at her very bedside . . . awestruck yet delivered

To action, critically.


It was all swallowed up in hypoxemia,

As her actions spoke louder and more forcefully

Than words.

For soon she had no words left to say.

They were carried away into oblivion that same day.


Just a short while after injecting,

She arrived to my doorstep and exclaimed

In utter desperation . . .

“Please don’t let me die!”

Here she lay, in breathless response,

Among the angels in the House of God.

She sought salvation.

I prayed for her deliverance.


Soon after she was silenced,

First by heroin,

She was quieted gently

In the midst of the chaotic action.


Gently, yet swiftly, slid the tube down her throat.

In her twenties.

Blond hair.

Hazel eyes.



Quieted by the quiescent impasse of addiction.



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